31 May

Shocking Truth Alcohol Violence and Youth in Australia

Following smoking, alcohol is the most common cause of preventable death in Australia. Some of the dangers associated with the consumption of alcohol include drunken driving, disease, and child neglect. In addition, alcohol greatly increases a person’s blood pressure, makes them have an exceptionally poor diet, and greatly decreases a person’s ability to exercise. In addition, the consumption of alcohol results in the loss of millions of hours of man hours of work every year.

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Encourage Responsible Service of Alcohol to Avoid ViolenceOne of lease reported negative effects from drinking is an increased risk of violence. The violence cause by drinking is difficult to measure as persons will frequently avoid reporting violence that happened to them while drunk. In addition, a large amount of the violence from alcohol occurs inside of the home, and people will rarely report violence that occurred at the hands of a family member. Education about drinking is very important, and it is important for parents to know about youth drinking, alcohol related violence, and some of the ways to prevent alcohol related violence.

Youth Drinking

Youth drinking is a major problem in Australia. It is estimated that well over ninety percent of all youths will have tried alcohol by the time they turn seventeen. In addition, surveys show that seventy percent of all youths have tried alcohol the month before they were surveyed, and that fifty percent had gotten drunk the week before they were asked. These measurements point to a serious problem with youths frequently drinking, which is a good sign that they will develop alcoholism in the future.

One of the biggest concerns with alcohol use and youth is that youth will engage in fights with each other. This is because young people are more prone to violence, and because more young people tend to drink socially. It is estimated that drinking results in 13 percent of all death of Australians between the age of thirteen and seventeen.

Alcohol Related Violence

The face of alcohol violence takes several different forms. For youth the most common form of alcohol related violence comes in the form of fights. These fights can be direct challenges against persons, or simply an aggressor deciding to attack someone.

There are also huge amount of alcohol related violence that happens to persons who aren’t directly involved with social drinking. Violence towards family members is exceptionally common. In addition, youth will frequently decide to vandalize property, and will attack pedestrians. Youth attacks on the homeless are a major concern.

Another problem with alcohol and violence are attacks that are aimed towards gaining access to alcohol. It is common for youths to rob adults who are carrying alcohol out of a store, and there are many cases of a youth attacking a family member in order to gain access to their alcohol.

How to Prevent the Youth Problem with Alcohol

There are a number of things that a responsible adult can do in order to prevent youths from drinking and engaging in violence. One of the simplest solutions is to simply take steps to secure your supply of alcohol from a youth. Putting a lock on your liquor cabinet, and not leaving beer in your fridge is probably wise. But that alone will not stop them, from trying.

Educating them might help, but a lecture from an adult is probably useless. Paying for them to do an RSA online that you trust will provide them with lots of great information on the potential problems associated with alcohol. They will also be getting training that they can use in the hospitality industry, so it may actually be beneficial in other ways.

Another intelligent thing to do is to simply learn more about your child’s life away from you. Being able to know what friends your child drinks with will go a long ways towards you being able to avoid this.

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