was founded in 2005 as a personal movie review blog. Since then it has blossomed into a one-stop shop for everything cool in entertainment. The site covers the latest in Movies, Music, TV, and More.

Jim Napier
Executive Editor, Popcast Host

jimnapiernn 225x300 AboutJim has a passion for writing coupled with a love of cinema. It did not hurt that he grew up with a mother who is an English professor and a father who worked in media. He grew up in Columbia, Mo and has lived in Pennsylvania, Idaho, Florida, Kentucky and now resides in New Jersey. He has a voracious appetite for all forms of media, including movies, music, TV and video games.As an over achiever, he majored in Parks, Recreation and Tourism at the University of Missouri. His professional career has consisted of working in higher education fundraising. He is focusing his efforts on freelance journalism currently and is a Editor-in-Chief

Twitter: @Jim_Napier

Daniel Sarath
Managing Editor, Popcast Cohost

dsarath AboutDaniel Sarath is a lover of all things film, music and TV. 20 years old and living in Liverpool, England, he began his own blog, The Cinema Blog, a few years ago and started to write film reviews for his local newspaper, Lancashire Evening Post, a few months later. Daniel is also a student of Journalism at the University Of Central Lancashire where he did a minor course in Film Production.
His favourite films are The Assassination Of Jesse James, Taxi Driver, Citizen Kane and Mulholland Drive. His favourite music artists are Radiohead, The Beatles, Arcade Fire and Bob Dylan. And he loves to watch Mad Men, Six Feet Under and The Sopranos.

Twitter: @danielsarath

Mal Foster
Managing Editor, Popcast Co-Host

moi About
Hand crafted and built without an instruction manual in the top half of mid 80′s England Mal Foster’s path was also destined to lead here. An interest in writing blossomed at an early age, composing short stories in between attending school and Super Mario 3 sessions he became one with the pen at an early age. But it wasn’t until his mid to late teens where his journey of teenage self discovery bestowed upon him pretty decent taste in movies, music and literature. As time went by the years were kind to both his artistic pallet and spectrum of knowledge applying his love of language to his daily passions this wizard of word play can now be found surgically attached to a pair of headphones with his fingers brushing across the keyboard. Here at Napiers News Mal digests music from all over the universe filters it through his nerdy brain and informs the lovely patrons of this site what he thinks is cool or something like that.

Twitter: @iammalkovich

Sean Guard
Contributing Editor

Emerge Color006 About
In high school, Sean wanted to punch the subject of English right in its face. By far his best class, he hated doing research and writing papers. Ten + years later, he is an aspiring writer. It would seem that career goal of leading the New York Knicks to an NBA championship didn’t quite pan out. He started writing film reviews just over a year ago and became a movie buff even further back than that. He’s dabbled in fiction, poetry and random articles filled with nothingness on his way to hopefully one day becoming a published author. Hopes high, right now he’s over there sitting in the corner with his fingers crossed.

Twitter: @Sean_Guard

Jess Roti
Music Edito
jessirotti About
Jess has been geeking out over music since she was a child. Growing up in Chicago, she was always surrounded by creativity and only the best music. After seeing the film Almost Famous, she decided she would be a music journalist. She has two blogs as well as contributing album reviews to Napiers News. Some of her favorite artists include Bruce Springsteen, Beastie Boys, The Doors, The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, Radiohead, and The Strokes.

Twitter: @thejessilala

Lili Farkas

icon2 About
I’m a fifteen year old film fan. I’ve always liked movies but only started showing real interest at the age of 10. At that point me and my family moved to England, which meant no more dubs or subtitles. I learned to speak English and watched more and more movies, some of which my classmates and friends never even heard about. So, I turned to the Internet to have conversations with fellow movie goers. I love reviewing films and even if I can’t use perfect grammar it’s a great way of expressing my views about something I love.

Twitter: @LiliElza26


elleseven7 About
I’m Elleseven (L7) get it? ..(elle=girl) a female L7…get it now….still don’t…then ur a L7 sheesh.I played my first game at 3 which was PONG home edition. (hmm can you do the math to figure how old?) That was followed by years in arcades. I had a way older brother who I tagged along with. My job was to squeeze behind all the machines and get the quarters that rolled behind. I could grab over $10 bucks some nights, which would then be used to play Gallaga and Pole Position. The next obsession was Commodore Vic 20 and those games where you type in two word commands.

After that was early portable gaming with Epoch man and Pancake. When I started high school the NES was huge. We played Duck hunt and Mario but that was about it. Girls weren’t really wanted to play with, we were just allowed to watch and look cute while the guys played. I only played casually after that until I discovered James Bond for N64 and a new gaming passion came back. After that I was a busy momma so I didn’t play anything much until I was hooked on Vice City. Later I tried WoW and became officially addicted to MMO’s.

I love to write and just be creative. I have dyslexia so writing this stuff is a struggle some days. But I try my gosh darn hardest. My other things I enjoy is all things Star Wars and Star Wars EU too. If you don’t read the Star Wars comics & books, I don’t consider you a hard core fan..sorry. Fantasy novels, movies and hockey are great too.

Twitter: @elleseven7