Geek Suite, Inc. is looking for writers of quality articles and content for our network of websites, including, and

We’re looking for writers who can contribute their time and enthusiasm to any or all of the sites above. At this time, Geeksuite Inc. is only offering volunteer positions but we can provide personalized bio pages and exposure through content advertising and distribution to our rapidly growing community.

Important Note: Geeksuite Inc. cannot afford to pay anyone so all of our positions are volunteer positions.


To be a writer for any of our websites, we require that you have:

  • Strong command of written English language;
  • Technical competence with word processing software;
  • Relatively competent research skills.

If you’re interested in writing for us, please be aware of the following:

  • Only serious candidates need apply
  • The word-for-word content you write for Geeksuite Inc. will remain property of Geeksuite Inc. Any opinions expressed by any writers remain solely that of the writer.
  • The content you provide will be edited for English quality and formatting consistency.
  • Writers will be asked to write as consistently as possible.
  • Location does not matter,

Open Positions:

Movie Reviewer:

The job of a movie reviewer is to provide information on movies and write opinionated and informed responses and reviews. Movie reviewers will often be writing content which will be posted on multiple sites as decided by the editors, and so should be as unique as possible.

Comic Book Writer:

The comic book writer will write specifically for The job of the CBW will be to write about updates in the comic book industry as well as provide opinion and review pieces.

Technology Writer:

The technology writer will write about whatever technological advances or cool gadgets they may come across that may interest people. The technology writer will write for

Video Game Reviewer:

The Video Game reviewer is a self-explanatory role; write about video games you play or plan on getting. This position will write for

Daily News Writers:

Daily News Writers will be writing for, and and will be providing daily content to the website based on summarizing articles and consolidating research from larger news sources.


To apply for a position, email Jim Napier ( with 2-4 pages of various prose writing samples and your resume/cv, along with the position(s) you want in the body of the email. Please also explain why you think you would be an ideal candidate and provide other materials, such as blogs, links to other websites you may have written for, etc. You may apply for multiple positions and write for multiple websites.